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The company was established on the year 2009, a sole proprietor business which was inspired by the continuous growth of the travel industry and the passion of traveling. Through the years, MTTS Travel Services work hard to give their clients wide selections of airlines, hotel/resorts accommodations, and transport services to local and international travelers. They continuously expand their hand to do partnership with some of the locally and internationally based travel and tours agencies, hotels/resorts and airlines to give its clients the best services and various packages they can provide.  


MTTS Travel services had join the PTAA Travel Tour Expo every February of the year, and as years goes by we maintained our target by providing and accommodating all request and inquiry by walk in guests. We also strengthen our partnership with some of our international partners with more affordable packages to be offered to our guests. We also handled on of our IT industry account going to Korea for at least 50 people their first incentive. Our partnership with Royal Gulf Tourism in Dubai Strengthen our capabilities to offer good and affordable package to our direct clients and sub-agents. Formally partnered with Bedsonline (828 web base system), which enables us to be more competitive to offer better rate and more hotel rooms available not just here but worldwide.


MTTS Travel services really reached another achievement as we more than doubled our production for airline ticketing sales during the 21st PTAA Travel Tour Expo. We also assisted more than 300 applicants for securing a Japan Visa for the 1st quarter of the year and handled a family of 45 people doing an Osaka – Tokyo Private Tour with excellence. The company has also strengthen to assist fellow travel agents (B2B) in their visa processing services in China Embassy, Australia, Canada, Schengen, UK embassy, USA, Korea and Japan, with these smaller travel agencies can cater the Visa documentation towards their client’s needs.

We renewed our partnership with Amadeus with multi-year contract agreement. We were also accredited by the Department of Tourism to operate as a travel and tour agency with accreditation number TOP-NCR-00002135-2014. We are also now an accredited Philippine Airlines domestic ticketing agent. To end the positive year our company was awarded TOP 8  in terms of overall production for Travel Agency Category for the Travel Alliance Group. We were also granted as an accredited (DTP) Domestic ticketing Preferred Agent of Philippine Airlines.


MTTS Travel Services has joined Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) to expand its network to cater domestic trav ellers and explore the inbound market.


The Company’s General Manager was voted by Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) to be one of its Board of Directors, and was even given a position as the assistant treasurer, which he will be serving for 2 years. The company has strengthened its partnership with European Partners and Operators, as well as Korea and Japan which really help the company to grow faster than expected. Re-branding the image of MTTS Travel Services was also dines during the year.


The company was already certified as an accredited IATA agent. We manage to add more accounts resulting to hire more employees in order to manage all the necessary accounts. We also partnered with Skyjet Airlines which caters to Basco Batanes, Virac, Coron and others. Another partnership was with SCOOT Airlines which is a budget carrier in Singapore that will add more options for our clients. The company was also sent as a delegate in INDABA, South Africa to be one of our target destinations for our clients. The company was also hosted to be a buyer in ITB Singapore and expand our networks in Russia, Maldives, Australia, South America, Holy land and many more.